#Icebergs off Signal Hill

Some days I get the urge to sit on the edge of the world and listen to the sound.

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Blizzard in a box on Flickr.

My 14-year-old purebred Persian, Blizzard, last Christmas Eve (2011).

Is it for me?

Storm passed away from throat cancer tonight. He was 12-years-old and dearly loved. And while we’ll miss him, he left behind so many beautiful memories.

This particular photo is from Christmas 2010, displaying his innocent curiosity and big gold eyes. He was a pure-bred Persian and from a long line of show cats. While he never showed, he preferred to make himself known with a muted meow during the day and his uncanny ability to shake the rafters as he sang us the song of his people at 3am each night.

I’ll miss you, Buffer Noodle.

I hear the waves.

Sand and flight.

Garnet around her neck.

Worcester College, Oxford University (2010). Some days I really miss the beauty of this campus.

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