Thane Krios // Mass Effect 3 (x)

Icewater Jetty to Castle Volkihar // Skyrim (x)

The Nightmare // Mass Effect 3 (x)

Outside the Hut // Dragon Age: Origins (x)

The Misty Grove // Skyrim (x)

Priority: Palaven // Mass Effect 3 (x)

Happy Birthday, Nyx Shepard // April 11th, 2154 (x)

Subject Zero // Mass Effect 3 (x)

Priority: Mars // Mass Effect 3 (x)

Sovereign and The Citadel // Mass Effect (x)

Tyler Hoechlin as photographed by Tony Duran

Skyrim at Night (x)

Morthal and the mists of Hjaalmarch (x)

Skyrim: And so it begins again.

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