Before the Wilds // Dragon Age: Origins (x)



You have been very quiet, Alistair.


 Kaity Barrett || Iceland


doux by les brumes on Flickr.


Unknown Artist London Grammar / Unknown2774

A Stolen Kiss // Dragon Age: Origins (x)

Mod: Cullen romance option - Mage Origin

The Harrowing // Dragon Age: Origins (x)

The Grey Wardens hold a lonely vigil, enduring lives of hardship and sacrifice to protect the world from an evil that can never truly be conquered. Few would volunteer for this: the suffering, isolation, and promise of a violent death. But the path of a Warden is also one of valor, and those who give themselves to the cause are rewarded with the knowledge that they have become something more than they were.

The power to influence the future…The power to alter destiny… Such an ability may, if one was not careful, change a person’s fate for the worse. Such power was never meant for mortal man. There are none who possess the wisdom to wield it.

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