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Initiating peer-network integration. Proceed to docking port.

Bonus worried boyfriend :



also: it’s more complicated than that!

for mahariels 💞


You have no idea how long I’ve waited for someone to STATE THE DAMN OBVIOUS

i should have watched over you more closely, i should have..


time out by ewitsoe on Flickr.

B’s grandmother giving him Hungarian lessons over the phone is the cutest thing ever.

Fuck it, the PS3 is coming to the UK.

protojimmy replied to your post “We missed our flight to London tonight as DHL “misplaced” and has yet…”
Goddamn DHL. They gotta get their shit together, my recent shipment got arsed up too - though mine is nowhere near so critical!
In the past few days, the mere mention of DHL has resulted in a slew of people recounting such similar stories, from online shop orders disappearing to shipped artwork ending up in a different country. Did they manage to find yours yet?
discluded replied to your post “We missed our flight to London tonight as DHL “misplaced” and has yet…”
DDDDDDDDD: bb I’m so sorry. I hope it turns up soon
Thanks, darling! I’ll keep you posted, as always. <3

I’ve done a lot of serious dramas and roles… With [Mako Mori], she’s really tough. She’s kind of like a superhero. It’s different from my roles in the past.


Erik WitsoeWinter in Prague

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