Ugh body no, you can’t get sick. You have to do ward rounds tomorrow and see all your patients and not sound like you have a cabbage stuck up your fucking nose.


Chris Pratt had the best entrance into a movie ever!


Unknown Artist Imogen Heap / Unknown3971

The Advisors.

"She’s a tough lady in a tough situation making tough decisions. Toughly." 

Mike Laidlaw

UnknownThe Village Eaves

Unknown Artist Carinthia / Unknown379

I spent two years dead.  Every moment seems irreplaceable now.


My faith is my armour, my cause is my shield! I will fight, and pray for forgiveness later.

This took a good couple of hours to finish, maybe six or seven hours if you don’t count the hours i spent just looking at it.

I’m addicted to a certain kind of sadness, and that is making up scenarios where i pit my favorite characters against each other until they tear each other apart. This is also the second time I draw Sebastian snapping and ironically becoming the man he swore to hunt down.


Mt. Bromo, Indonesia | Fisherman Pong

These Thursdays traveling from London to Birmingham and back again are getting ridiculously brutal.

You know you’ve been traveling too long when you arrive at the train station before the breakfast places open and return to the station once the bars have closed.

Make me choose deckofdreams asked: Nathaniel or Sebastian?

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